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I didn’t cry, but that doesn’t make me a bad mom!

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Today marks the final day of the first week of school for our family, at least for the children. I start college next week. Every one of my children is now officially in school … which meant seeing them all off on their first day. I was able to do this without skipping a beat and I didn’t shed a tear. You read on social media about parents not ready for this day, kids entering school and moms tearing up. If you are NOT one of those moms, I am here to tell you that it does NOT MAKE YOU A BAD MOM!

I am going to give you the single quote as to WHY I have no problems with the back to school period for my kids. It comes from my youngest … my little Turtle.

“Mom, I love my new school SO MUCH.”

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Getting Older Means Diet Changes

Posted in Dysmenorrhea

Kids, do not fall into the belief that being a grownup is all that and a bag of chips. As a child, you get to run and play outside, you don’t have to worry about bills, and you can eat pretty close to anything without it having any ill effects. You get a chance to sleep DURING THE DAY without people throwing the side eye at you. However, when you’re an adult … that ALL changes. You have to pay bills, you have to clean house, you have to be all responsible. Then another hammer fell on me this week … you need to look at diet changes.


I have struggled with REALLY bad menstrual cycles in the past. When I was younger, they were so severe that I got put on oral birth control. I got married and had a few kids, so then I switched to Mirena because I was told I couldn’t be on standard birth control due to my bi-polar meds. However, I then had MASSIVE issues with Mirena and decided to just have it removed and we started attempting to have more kids. Periods started to get bad again, but I got pregnant so I was able to live with it. All the while, I maintained my weight.

Finally, I am 3 years post being done with having kids and my body decides to go BACK to having REALLY crappy periods. *sigh* Thankfully, I am no longer on bi-polar meds (namely because my diagnosis was wrong all along) so I can go back on hormonal medication. Then the doctor said this: Read More Getting Older Means Diet Changes

Back to School Supplies School Lists Don’t Include

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I am sure you have seen back to school posts ALL over the Internet by now, so what does mine have to offer that others don’t? I mean, you know you need pencils, paper, glue, notebooks, and an ungodly amount of crayons. Clothes are always a necessity, since most kids seem to grow at least an inch or two RIGHT before school starts so you HAVE to buy a new wardrobe every August. There are a few things that I absolutely believe you MUST have if you are going to be ready for the crazy that will occur from mid-August to mid-May. *there are affiliate links and ads in this post, just as a way for me to keep providing you great content* Copious amounts of caffeine I wish I could be one of those people who can just perk up at 6am, go all day, and then go to bed around 10pm with everything done. Nope, not happening. If you want to see me in a state where I won’t be homicidal, you will make sure there is caffeine in my system. I don’t care if you are a coffee drinker, tea drinker, or a downer of Monster. Make…

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First Food Truck Fest Attended Flopped, But I’ll Be Back

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I went to my very first food truck festival this past weekend in Shawnee, KS. It was something that I have wanted to do for quite a while. I haven’t always been a HUGE fan of food trucks, but in September of 2011, the second season of the Great Food Truck Race entered Manhattan, KS. I instantly became fixed on learning more about food that wasn’t just baked in grease (like I originally thought). So, when I heard about a food truck festival on an open weekend, I knew I just had to go! (not to mention our first blogging challenge for Social Insiders was to have a Staycation!)


The festival was sponsored by Dodge City Beef and politician, Dan Pflumm. However, it was NOT sponsored by Shawnee, so there were significant flaws to the festival this year. I first want to touch on the good things! Read More First Food Truck Fest Attended Flopped, But I’ll Be Back

We Waited Three Years for this Crap to Happen

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The appreciation for bowel movements when it comes to children is probably as low as the appreciation for your child’s ability to cry. You whine and moan about having to change soiled diapers or wiping dirty butts. However, when your child hits the floor and sobs because pooping is so hard … or when you find yourself in a hospital room with tubes going into your child’s stomach to break up a massive impaction … you really start to understand the excitement when the poop finally comes.

I was one of those moms. I whined about having to wash poop out of cloth diapers. I complained about the god-awful smell that came out of my dear children’s cute tush. I sighed when asked to “wipe my butt.” Sound familiar?

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